…with the chance you’ve been given, how are you not, driven as hell?

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But look how far I have come without anyone holding my hand.

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde: The Musical (via thediaryoftwotheatrenerds)

One of my favorite songs ever.

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Basically, I’m tired of being me. I have no reason to be upset with who I am. To anyone else, my life seems awesome. I’m sick of this, though. This life is a bore and I’m so sick of not fitting anywhere. I’m sick of school and sick of letting people down. I can’t explain it, but I am so tired. I’m tired of being. And giving up… it’s not the right option. My head is keenly aware of this. But the rest of me is charged with the sense that giving up is all I can do because to continue to try is so inarguably pointless.

Royal Flush


My cards are on the table

Now let me see your hand

The ace is bruised and battered

The king has lost his mind

The queen was bent and folded

The jack was torn in half

The ten was burned and smoking

Our hands were just the same

Our cards are marred and ugly

But that’s just not the point

Our lives are hard and rocky

But we can win the game



Song A Week - Week 10 - “Little Wings” (by ladyjanegreymusic)

This lady right here taught me how to lead worship :)

Ain’t she wonderful?

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